Climbing in Iran
Damavand ( 5609m ) , Alamkouh ( 4851m ), Sabalan (  
4811m ) mountains and bigwalls like Alamkouh northface,  
Bisotun ( 1200m high, 5km width ) and many other  
bigwalls in Iran + Sport climbing area and awesome  
canyons invite different tastes for a trip in Iran.
We provide from cheap and economy to VIP climbing tours  
coast to coast of the country.
Our guides are the best instructors and with highest  
qualification of what you need in vertical and high  
Our courses will be maintained with the best instructors  
inside Iran under the supervision of Iran Climbing  

Interested into doing some ice routes from long Glaciers ( up to 1000 m ) to nice vertical water ice falls ?

Want to do canyoning in the country amazing valleys with more than 100 fantastic canyons ?

Want to learn how to rock climbing and doing vertical activities in Iran plus doing awesome projects ?

Want to mix your climbs with the beautiful myth and ancient of Persian and sightseeing the beautiful cities of Iran ...

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Ski touring Gallery in Saca ( Central ) and Khonhahar ( West ) Alborz
Ski tour & Sightseeing , 17 days , Zagros and western Alborz
If you are looking for a trip in iranian mountain, contact Hamid from Iran Climbing Guide.
We were a group of 11 skiers to ski in  in Alborz and climb Damavand mount. Hamid organized the logistic for us and guide us in his mountains. Lot of listenning to the group even when the conditions where not perfect for the summit. Very good team with great cooks to prepare delicious traditional meals.
I really recommend this mountain travel agency for any tour in the country (Alborz, Zagros).
Many thanks to you Hamid, and... Mashallah !!!!
It's very important to use an official Mountain guide in Iran which are trained climbers with high ability of facing difficult situation . Also for insurance purposes you need to have one of this guide in Your group . Let's check About us page to see a sample of these guides ID card .
The Crag
From the first transactions with ICG, Hamid took into account our desires and we chose it for our stay.
The formalities required for an Iranian stay having been made before our arrival, our entry into the territory was immediate.
He surrounded himself with French-speaking guides who captured our attention admirably during visits to Iran's historic heritage.
When we arrived, given the bad weather conditions, he immediately apprehended the lack of snow by proposing to modify the schedule initially planned, or we had to follow 10 days of ski touring in three different massifs of the Zagros range. and, by proposing alternative solutions to reverse visits to the Elbourz chain.
For the activity of ski touring that was the support of our stay, Hamid showed a perfect knowledge of the terrain and a real professionalism able to adapt to the unusual conditions of a rare snow by making us ski in new valleys, so that our stay remains rewarding.
His joie de vivre, his songs and his good humor were an inseparable cement of the group
Our group tried to cover as many highlights as possible in our short trip. We climbed Mt Damavand with our guides Parisa and Rahim. Not only did they take good care of us on the mountain, they were great company, and good chefs.

The historical sights and museums were well curated - some knowledge of Farsi would come in handy.

Climbing outdoors in Isfahan was awesome. Some solid and well bolted pitches. Climbing in all seasons is possible with various sites available (in or out of the shade). We were told that there are trad routes as well.

All in all it was a good trip. Definitely ticked all my boxes. Through all activities the transition was smooth, very well organised. Accommodations were good, food was great and we felt very safe.

There is still so much more to do! Will be back for sure.
Hamid is your man to go to in Iran if you want to ad some adventure to your holiday in Iran. He (or one of his co-workers) can guide you through all the scenic spots in the mountains and (big)walls. Besides the climbing he does everything to help you organise your stay and logistics to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you. And last but not least, he is a great cook! :) also special thanx to my strong, funny, caring and charming personal guide Farshad
Damavand from TOP
a movie by Iran Climbing Guide

First 8a trad in Iran

A Ski movie in Iran by drone

Ski movie March 2017

Ski Movie by J.Filippe

Please check out our " Compact " and " Extended itineraries to climb mount Damavand 5609 m "
On the top of Mount Damavand ( 5609m ) with the 7-summit group
Rock Climbing , Ice climbing ,
Ski touring at the same time
with our Danish client , winter 2017
Danish friends last steps to mount Damavand with Iran Climbing Guide
Watch out our new movie from Damavand ( Damavand from TOP ) made by Iran Climbing Guide
Polekhab Movie by drone
Watch out our new movie of Polekhab Climbing area made by Iran Climbing Guide Team
New rock climbing gallery ( Iran , Shahdej ,Polekhab , Bisotun )
100 percent positive feedback on Ski trip 2018 - Read more on our tripadvisor Page
Ski touring Taleghan with 3 French guides and Iran Climbing Guide
We already updated around 109 sport Climbing route topos in Cheshmeh sohrab , Get more information on it .
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Iran is a Mountaineous area, with many
high altitude mountains. Damavand is the
highest conical mountain in the world with
5609.21 meters of elevation. There are...
Rock climbinbg tours in Bisotun, Alamkouh,
Polekhab and other part of the country
include sport, Trad, Bouldering etc.
Possible to climb in 4 season of year ...
Thanks to professional instructors in our
team, we could manage different courses
for you in mountains. From rockclimbing to
other vertical activities you could ...
Vertical and Technical 
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