Sabalan ( 4811m ) is the third highest mountain in Iran after Damavand ( 5609m ) and Alamkouh (4851m ) . This inactive stratovolcano mountain is famous for it's amazing and wonderful lake on the summit ! The mountain is located in Ardabil province of Northwestern of Iran .  The permanent crater lake and stunning scenery of the nature plus differnt slopes of the mountain ( easy Northeast face to the technical north glacier or the rocky south flank ) offer the climbers to have a variety of choices . The normal route to summit requires a moderate fitness . The mountain is located in a continental climate with hot, dry summers and extremely cold winters .Precipitation falls primarily as snow in late autumn, winter, and spring, and is sufficient to sustain seven glaciers near the summit above 4,000 metres (13,000 ft). The largest of these were more than 1.5 kilometres (1 mi) in length as of the 1970s. There are also extensive rock glaciers, several of which are more than 3 km (2 mi) in length.

Sabaln has 3 main summits with the name of Soltan Savalan ( King ) which is the highest one and 2 others are Heram and Kasra . Sabalan is located parallel and east of Arasbaran Range . From south you find the Bozghosh and Sahand . Sabalan is located 25 Km on the SouthEast of Meshginshahr which is a small lovely city . Sabalan is also famous for its hotsprings , green summer and Alvares ski resort .

Access to the area :
From Ardebil to meshgin road and from Lahrod city continue to south until reach the Shabil hotsprings.

Summit's ridges :

NorthEast ridge :
This is the normal route to climb mount Sabalan which is the easiest also . There are two possibilites to climb from this ridge . First by hiring 4WD cars and drive up to the shelter ( 3700m ) . There is a road up to shelter . The second way is to climb up from Ghotorsoei hot springs . Ghotorsoei valley is stunning and there are some waterfalls in the way . Trekking will need 4 to 5 hours to reach the shelter . From shelter to the summit starts with some rocky but easy parts up to 4700m and then will be easy to the summit after passing the " Mehrab" Stone .

South face :
Starts from Alvares ski resort ( 30km away from Sareyn ) . 300 meters to the resort there is a gravel road for nomad people on the lefat side . by 20 minutes of driving on this road we will reach to Chaygozi . There is no shelter on the south face so accommodation should be at tents and on this area . From this point and by 6 to 7 hours of climbing we could reach the summit. The south face is the hardst ridge of Sabalan consisting of big rocks .

West ridge :
This route climbs up from the valley between Kasra and Heram mountains which named " Heramchal " which continues to Heram glacier .
Itinerary : 6 days
Tehran, Shabil , Shelter of Sabalan , Peak, Tehran                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Day1 : Arriving to IKA international airport
Pick you up from IKA airport , welcome by an English speaking guide,Transfer  to Hotel/Flat . Sightseeing in Tehran ( If the time allows )
Day 2 :
Breakfast at the morning , Transfer to Domestic airport of Tehran ( Mehrabad) , Flight to Ardebil city in the northwest, Moving by a Van to the
beautiful mountainous city of Shabil . Stay at a room in Shabil ( Shabil is a small village in the base of Sabalan )
Day 3 :
Moving up from Ghotorsoei and Shirvan darreh up to Sabalan shelter at 3548m. Spend the night at this shelter . ( acclimatization up to 3600m )
Day 4 :
Easy climb up to the summit of Sabalan ( 4811m) . The climb will be slow to get most from amazing views and  scenery surrounding of this
large dormant volcano specially the brilliant lake on the summit . coming back to shelter in afternoon and stay at shelter to night .
Day 5 :
In our way back , we will stop at Shabil hotspring mineral water to take the fatigue of climb completely out . Continuing our way to Ardebil
airport for an afternoon return to Tehran and to Hotel/Flat .
Day 6 :
Breakfast and transport from Hotel to airport .
Price list ( in Euros ) :

No of participants                     2 4 6 8 10
Price 1 1384 982 898 830 790
Price 2 1290 867 771 710 667
Includes : All the transfers , Domestic flight , Required permissions and permits inside Iran, Accommodations ( Hotel/flat, village
house/room , shelter ) , all the meals , Experienced English language guide .
If stayed at hotel 2 people will share a room otherwise let us know to recalculate hotel prices .
Excludes : Visa ( we could do that for you if you want ) ,Insurance
Eagle rock on west face, photo by : Parsa
Shabil hotsprings
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