Pol-e-Khab is maybe the best sport /trad climbing area close to Tehran . 2 hours of driving end to a compact rock up to 100 meters high and more than 1 km in width . There are more than 100 routes established on this wall which are more of them are safe and rebolted recently . Climbing in Pol-e-Khab is possible in 4 season due to weather conditions. The area is 2000 meters above sea level and the rock is compact . It's possible to climb in summer time from mid day until late at night cause shade will protect you against the sun . In winter and fall you should do reverse by climbing from early in the morning until 3 p.m . The wall is surrounded by many high mountains like Menar, Naz , Haftkhan and Karchan which makes the surrounding nature unbelievable . There is a cafe close to the wall which is suitable for rest before and after the climb .
How to get there : From Karaj and Chalous road by driving 36 kms you will reach a wide part of the river and the cafe "Nish Tormoz " The wall is Toward North by a 10 minutes of walking .
There is a guidebook about Pol-e-Khab routes which is bilingual ( Persian - English ) and published recently by Hamid Shafaghi & Hassan Gerami , You could also order this guidebook and we will post it for you . The price for the book is 15 Euros + Shipping costs depends to the destinationa country . The book is designed with colour-photos and lots of details about the routes . To order the book sent an email to : Info@Iranclimbingguide.com
Check some photos of polekhan here